Women in Coffee

You might not be aware, but the first of October, many countries celebrate the “International Day of Coffee”.

This year’s theme is “Women in Coffee”. As a woman, I would like to celebrate and bring awareness to “women in the working society” through this special day #Thanks4thecoffee


The objective of this theme is to recognize that there is still a gap between a man and a woman in the work force and to close that gap. Women have to work twice as hard, in order to place their skills and efforts in the right place in the working world.


Good to know:

*One cup of coffee is healthy for the human heart.

*In Italy, a cappuccino is only for breakfast.

*Arabica beans content of caffeine is lower than Robusta beans.

*According to some studies, Brazil is the number one exporter of coffee in the world.

*In England, coffee was introduced before tea and it was mainly consumed by men in private coffee bars. Women were not allowed to be part of that “club”.

*If you conserve coffee in a glass jar and place it in the refrigerator, the coffee flavor stays fresh longer.

*Some cultures, women use coffee grains as a facial mask and this suppose to clean your pores and make your skin radiant.

*Japan organized the first largest coffee event in 1983 and it is thought that the International coffee day started there.

*Howard Schultz visited many coffee bars and studied the art of making coffee in Italy. Before he founded the first “Starbucks” in Seattle, he worked at Peet’s coffee for many years.

*Coffee with caffeine has more benefits than decaf coffee.

*Coffee smells and tastes wonderful, don’t you think?


Coffee Sardella’s main office is located in Catania, Sicily. From 1911, today the fourth generation is working on exporting the coffee all over the world. Don’t miss your chance to know this coffee. More at www.foodwithsusi.com—>Stories


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