Weinhaus Peter Lauer

Riesling Nr. 16 - The number on the label (in German labels are specified as “Fass 16”) corresponds to a barrel that represents a parcel of the estate’s vineyards. Each barrel corresponds to a distinctive style each year. The Nr. 16 is the fresh, stimulating, young and fruity wine. This Number is particularly popular within the wine consumers in the UK and western European countries. The vintage 2019 can be consumed until 2022.


Sekt - This delicious dry sparkling Riesling is pure and precise with delicate notes of white flowers and flint, uplifted by some smoky aromas. Soft, tiny bubbles on the palate with sugary flavours, white blossom and fresh pears. The Good Wine Shop.


Family Lauer focus is Riesling, after five generations of winemaking in the village of Ayl, they have been creating variations for their portfolio, in order to differentiate the styles. Peter Lauer is well known for its barrel’s number. Although labeling the barrels and the bottles with Numbers was strictly forbidden in the past, Peter Lauer, Florian’s (today’s owner) grandfather was able to fight back and make this practice part of his product image.


Although they are not officially “BIO” certified, they use the means of organic viticulture. Their philosophy is to protect what nature has to offer. Harvesting starts in October and it is manually harvested. Bottles are recycled. The wines are fermented at very low temperatures with ambient yeast only and they are vegan; no animal products are used for fining (ex:egg whites). They have been members of the VDP since 2013.


Bereich Saar in Upper Mosel (Mosel-Saar-Ruwer until 2007), Bundesland Rheinland-Pfalz is also very close to Luxembourg. Their slopes are very steep and are in higher elevations, up to 350 meters above sea level. The best soil for Riesling is slate & porous minerals.



-Bundesland-German state.

-Sekt-Sparkling, mainly Charmat method.


-Bereich-geographical area.

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