Verdicchio-Andrea Felici

A variety that is a relatively undiscovered gem in the wine industry, but it is available in the international market as a niche offering. “Le Marche”, where mountains and hills, coast and lakes meet in one region. Verdicchio is a white varietal, and its DOC and or Superiore wine production territories are solely in the province of Ancona and Macerata. The characteristics are mainly vegetal, floral, nutty with hints of green apple and citric fruit. They are acidic, medium body with harmonious length in the palate. The local preference is to consume its wine within two years. As some of you may know, I am half “Marchigiana” (nel cuore, in the heart), two years in Jesi made me an honorary citizen of Marche and the little I know about its culture, I am happy to introduce some of the wineries I had the pleasure experiencing:








Fattoria San Lorenzo, Montecarotto




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