Spaghetti Carbonara

I admit that my Carbonara this time turned out perfect, the egg yolks didn’t cook like scrambled eggs.

For 4 people I used:

380g Spaghetti

100g Pecorino (25g per person)

6 egg yolks (if you can, free range, rich, dark yolk)

Pancetta or guancialle -

The key is “temperature”, if the Spaghetti is too hot or you add your paste (egg yolks and Pecorino) into the hot Pancetta, then Carbonara is done and gone, the eggs turn into scrambled eggs.


First I sautéed the Pancetta, until crisp (that is how I like), then cool to room temperature.

Second, cook the pasta, meanwhile, mix the egg yolks with the Pecorino.

Lastly, when the pasta is al dente, add it to the Pancetta. blend and mix the flavours of the pasta into the Pancetta, add pepper, then add water of the Pasta into the paste (egg yolks and Pecorino), watch the temperature and immediately add it to the pasta. Mix and serve immediately.


High in calories, but High in food pleasure.


Susana Kawai

Food & Wine

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