Spaghetti Bolognese

One of the most popular recipe outside Italy, the salsa “Bolognese”. I, myself developed my own style of preparing it, once I browned the

ground meats (beef and pork), I add the onions and garlic. When all is

blended then I add red wine, tomato sauce, the veggies (leek, carrot,

celery, herbs, salt and pepper.


But, how did this Bolognese became “salsa Bolognese”? although there

are many theories out there, it was basically an “accident”. Already

in the times of the Romans, they used to fix a stew meat. One day, the

chef of Louis XIV (who was from Bologna) decided to ground the stew

meat and decided to prepare that way with the pasta. Already the

French they called that stew from the Romans, “Ragout” and Italians

adopted and adjusted to “Ragu” (means add flavors, make it taste

better). There is another theory though, the chef of a well respected noble

family from Romagna, Cardinal Chiaramonti is the one who developed the

“Bolognese” sauce. The chef’s name was Alberto Alvisi.


The Spaghetti Bolognese (that is completely “wrong” according to

Italian’s culinary researchers) was expanded rapidly outside Italy and

only in the early 1980, Spaghetti Bolognese became officially a

“traditional recipe” from Bologna and it is now registered in the

Chamber of Commerce in Bologna.


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