Sassicaia - Super Tuscan Tenuta San Guido

Although today they have their own appellation Bolgheri DOC, this highly reputable wine was born as a simple "Vino da Tavola". Beloved and researched by every wine lover and wine collector, the vintage 1978 was on of the outstanding years.

Pioneer of the Super Tuscan, risk taker and innovator, willing to alter the taste of the traditional Chianti wine, Mario Incisa della Rocchetta brings Bordeaux blends into their winemaking production. His experiments begins end 1960's. Beginning 1970's their vintages were acknowledged as being the best red wine with Bordeaux blend (Cabernet Sauvignon) in Tuscany, so they separated from the rules of Chianti Classico and created their own appellation Sassicia DOC in 1994 or Appellation Bolgheri. Mario's son took over and continued with the legend and achieved even 100 points from Robert Parker and was recognized as the best wine in the world.

Wine: Sassicaia

Vintage: 1978

Appellation: Vino da Tavola

Origin: Bolgheri, Tuscany, Italy

Soil: limestone, clay. 100m-300m altitude, facing West-South/West

Climate: regular, no natural challenges.

Winemaking: 12 day maceration in steel vats, in order to soften the tannins.

Aging: 22 months in Yugoslavian oak (60% new, 40% old) and French oak as well

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