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Updated: Dec 7, 2018

This fine dining Italian restaurant is located in the heart of Fulham, an area that makes part of the London Borough of Hammersmith. The Chef is from Northern Italy, Piedmont and gained his culinary experiences in many metropolitan cities in the world. Although his cuisine is described as Italian, Chef Gonzalo Luzarraga brings many Japanese fresh ingredients and blends them into his food répertoire. Having worked with one of the best chefs in the world; Alain Ducasse and Walter Eynard, Gonzalo brings Italian fine dining to the next generation.

Snacks: I highlighted my two favorite snacks from the tasting menu. First is the Pigeon Liver Macaroon with Cocoa.

Pigeon liver with cocoa Macaroons

Although the macaroons are on top of my list, I was awed by the perfection of the quail eggs. If you observe every angle of my photo, the egg is perfectly pealed, there is no imperfection on the surface, but most impressive was that the egg yolk stayed juicy. The ume shiso is grind with elaborate equipment by the Chef. The taste of the ume shiso blended perfectly with the soft and delicate taste of the egg.

Quail egg ume shiso

From far right, we have "Parmesan Bigne' Mortadella and black truffle"

In the middle we have "Preserved Organic Rabbit with lovage cream"

Paired with "Chardonnay-Gewürztraminer-Macabeo 2016 of MonteSierra"

Starter: The Miso Zabaione is made out of barley paste, not the traditional soy bean miso paste. The sauce reminded me to a classic Hollandaise sauce, but zabaione as we know does not contain butter. The black trumpet were dried and rehydrated, the scallops were perfectly cooked.

Hand dived Orkney scallop with Miso Zabaione, Black Trumpet champignons, Black truffle

Seared Foie Gras from Sousa, Quince, burn Goat milk, Oxalis, Kale powder paired with Procanico, 2016 from Antonio Camillo.

Far right: paired my scallop with Vermentino di Sardegna, 2017 from Sella&Mosca


Onion and Parmesan Cappelacci, potatoes skin and fermented onion broth

Fassona beef, Sake, Shiitake, Soya sauce and Chicory.

Paired with St. Emilion Gran Cru, 2007 from Château Puy-Blanquet

Risotto Acquerello, 7 year aged rice, black garlic, Sea anemone

Paired with: Roero, 2014 from Matteo Corregia

Rkatsiteli, 2016 from Pheasant's Tears, Georgia

This was for me the most interesting wine, very different from what I know. This wine is considered an orange wine, discovered and recommended by Sommelier Federico Dadone. It tastes almost like a dry cider, with some sur lies in the glass that I chose to leave them, although that is the highlight of the wine. A fine product from Georgia, all wines are fermented in qvevri, traditional clay amphorae, which are lined with beeswax and sunk into the ground. Natural yeast fermentation is applied. Beautiful aromas with spices, yellow fruits and some wood in it.


Porcini and chestnut cream with caramelized popcorn, paired with Moscatel Pasas, from Bodegas César Florido, Spain.

Assorted cheese platter, paired with Aisles, 2017 from Christian Tschida, Austria.

"A boutique modern restaurant with a novel approach to Northern Italian cuisine utilizing classic and innovative ingredients and eclectic selection of wine."


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