Riesling-Weingut Horst Sauer, Franken

The distinctive shape of the bottle known as “Bocksbeutel” is classified as the Franconian wine, signature German white wines, traditionally for Rieslings, Müller Thurgau and Silvaners. (Meintzinger Domina -red-until 2017).

The 2019 Riesling from Horst Sauer invites us this year to taste an aromatically charming notes of green apples, lemongrass, pineapple interdependent with a precise mineral backbone. Lightly fizzy with an articulated acidity, this Riesling has perhaps at least 5 more years of bottle ageing.


Wine: Riesling.

Vintage: 2019.

Winemaker: Weingut Horst Sauer.

Classification: VDP Erste Lage.

Origin: Escherndorf,-Germany

Vineyard: Lump=Escherndorf am Lump.

Good to know:

-The first Bocksbeutel bottles were used to serve “Steinwein” in Franconian city; Würzburg, located in northern Bayern, this was the signature and authenticity of the Würzburger wine, in this matter, they were protected from piracy and corruption and so only in the Franconian region, mainly Northern Bayern, white wines can be sold in Bocksbeutel.

-In 2015 a re-designed bottle has been introduced and a handful Weinguts are selling their vintages in the new Bocksbeutels.

-Not all wines are Prädikatswein, but many are categorised as Grosse Lage or Erste Lage within the VDP German wine organization.


Source: wirwinzer.de weingeschichte-n.tour-de-kultur.de



Willst Du des Weines feurigsten Funken Gless nicht das edle Nas in Strömen ein, erst auf der Zung erprobt, dann langsam getrunken so wills der rechte echte Frankenwein. -Quote 1929 Würzburger Stein.


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