Riesling-Weingut Bamberger, Nahe

Wein: Riesling

Winemaker: Weingut Bamberger.

Origin: Meddersheim, Nahe, Germany.

West of Bad Kreuznach, by the river Nahe.

Labelling: Qualitätswein.

Owners: Heiko and Ute.

USP: Sparkling wines, but the still wines are the common denominator for high quality products, still or sparkling.


Due to the lower content of alcohol 11,5% and a slightly higher content of residual sugar than a Kabinett, this wine is round, sooth like silk and harmoniously easier to drink alone or with cheese.

Stone fruits, apricot and nectarine with traces of petroleum with a dash of honeysuckle, this wine is recommendable for those who likes to enjoy softer wine. This wine isn’t sweet by the way, but it is not as dry as the wines I have described.



Paired with cheese platter: Soft cheese Brillat Savarin, Brightwell Ash, Moliterno with Truffle, Smoked Lincolnshire Poacher and walnuts.


Have a good week everyone and please be careful going out, post lockdown is critical, do not relax.



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