Riesling Kabinett-Dr. Loosen, Mosel

Dr. Loosen - Ürziger Würzgarten, 2019


Wine: Riesling Kabinett.

Variety: Riesling.

Vintage: 2019

Winemaker: Dr. Loosen

Location: Ürzig, Bernkastel, Mosel-Germany.

Soil: Red volcanic “Rotliegendes” high in iron.

Vines: Ungrafted, over 120 years old.

Winemaking: Use of indigenous yeast in Fuder casks, matured in full lees, no MLF.

Good to know: GG omitted, but it is understood that this line comes from the oldest vines and it is part of VDP=Grosse Lage (GL).

Best vineyard #15, everybody loves Ernie!


Time moves gradually, all in good time comes the good things in life, and so did this wine. I have attended several virtual videos with Ernie and Desiree during lockdown and I have finally found a bottle of Dr. Loosen.

In a sip, it suddenly evokes a vacation state of mind, where I am in a hotel resort, reading a beautiful book by the pool and indulging myself with a refreshing pineapple/peaches cocktail.

Off-dry with a medium finish in the palate, the fraction of sugar infused in the flavours blended in elegant acidity, this wine compliments any umami flavours recipes or if you wish any type of appetizers with fish/shellfish.

The most democratic price from the Dr. Loosen selection; this wine certainly expresses the terroir and prevailing climate of beautiful Mosel, Germany.


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