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Thank you for checking my blog. These are my Rieslings collections and will add as I taste some more. Photography and writing are transferred from my Instagram accounts:

Food with Susi and Wine with Susi.

I am so curious to taste all Prädikatswine, but the highest there was to taste was Spätlese. All I can say that it is significantly sweeter than the Kabinett, although I do think this was off-dry and not dry.

I can imagine having a good German Riesling Spätlese with a good strong hard-cheese, matured for months or even with a good Apfelstrudel! Why not! -

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After learning a wide range of varietal grapes from many wine regions from different climate and soils, the grape that is the most intriguing to me is “Riesling”, it is not my favourite, but it is definitely to discover some more. People have this funny tendency to say that a wine needs to be dry and not sweet, whereas a sweet wine can be enjoyed, if it is paired correctly. I chose this wine from Austria which equivalents to a German Kabinett, off-dry. This one in particular the alcohol content is higher and the sweetness of the wine is very mild.

I like the presentation of the bottle, including the screw top design.

I bought this wine during my last tasting @berrybrosrudd -

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Paired my Mont d'Or with Riesling "Les Faîtières" from Alsace, France.

Color: Very light yellow.

Aroma: Light citrus

Tasting: Very light, young and easy to enjoy with creamy Mont d'Or. It is more dry than it is sweet.


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