Riesling 2019-Weingut Knewitz Appenheim

This Riesling is grown in the largest wine region of Germany; Rheinhessen, where the soils compositions are limestone and chalk. This terroir mirrors the wine; young stone fruit flavours, minerals and herbs with low acidity explain Tobias Knewitz. Tobias was selected as the “Newcomer des Jahres” (Newcomer of the year) by falstaff 2015, certifying him to be the youngest winemaker in Germany. He took over the winery from his father at a very young age, 20. He runs the estate with his brother Björn.


The estate portfolio is diversified, but very clear and divided by three lines: Gutswein, Ortswein and Lagenwein. The classification permits them to a better segmentation in this competitive wine industry and to apply them to better strategies for a productive positioning in the international market.


*Gutswein: Varietals at a very competitive price and strong presence in the international market. The wines are to be consumed young and enjoyed with friends and family, in brasseries or restaurants, at small or large events.

*Ortswein: If your budget permits, this is the line you need to look at. For finer cuisine and for a more demanding Chef and Sommelier.

*Lagenwein: The quality that demands premium price. These selections are for the connoisseurs. A very demanding Chef will be able to find the perfect dish and flavours for the pairing. The Sommelier will want to recommend this wine to the best customer. Higher quality ingredients if you do pairings at home.


How much are these wines known by critics and wine guides?

JS 96 - Huntergulden 2019/ Riesling Trocken 2019 JS Members only/ fastaff 2021 @ 93.


Good to know vocabulary:

Updated VDP Classification for all vintages 2012 and onwards (QbA & QmP):

Pyramid from bottom to top:

-VDP Gutswein: Entry level wines.

-VDP Ortswein: Wines from designated village and superior soils.

-VDP Erste Lage: First class vineyards.

-VDP Grosse Lage: VDP Grosses Gewächs or GG around the neck of a bottle.

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