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Michelin-starred Southwest Indian restaurant is located in central London, walking distance from Parliament. Chef Sriram, brought the city of London the best flavours and traditions, since 1989. Starting 2001, the restaurant started gaining much attention and earning many awards, including a star Michelin in year 2008.

Beloved by many Lords, Ladies and members of Parliament, this restaurant has a "Division Bell". A table reservation is recommended.

I had the tasting menu. Some dishes are from the "House" and it is not included in the menu.

Tasting Menu

The Main Course: 3 o'clock; Kothu lamb, marinated lamb with onion, chili, ginger and tomatoes cut on a very hot griddle, placed on a banana leaf. Noon; compliments from the Chef, Crab cake on mustard sauce. 9 o'clock; Almond chicken marinated with ground almond, chili, cooked over griddle.

Right side of the main course: Coconut with asparagus and snow peas, sautéed with mustard seeds, curry leaves, green chilies and grated coconut. On top of the asparagus, lemon rice. On top of the rice, Mango curry, fresh mango course cooked with yoghurt, green chilies, tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves. Top right of the mango curry, Vegetarian dish, Chickpeas masala, cooked in a special blend of aromatic spices.

Center of the table: Appetizer, top three different type of pickles, center Pappadum "flat crisps) and two types of chutney.

Malabar paratha: soft refined flour dough beaten in thin sheet and folded to form layered bread, cooked on a skillet with pure ghee. It is best enjoyed dumping and soaking into the mango curry, to neutralize your palate.

Going backwards into the tasting menu, this is the appetizer: Artichoke chop on the left side with mint sauce. On the right side, Lemon sole cafreal, lemon sole marinated with goan spices and herbs; pan-fried.

Compliments from the Chef: Spirals, Lentils, coconut, pomegranate , chutney, coconut and pomegranate on rice and lentil dough.

Rasam: a hot-warm soup made with tomato, tamarind, pepper, cumin and coriander leaf. This is enjoyed minutes before the main course. A tradition from the South.

Tropical fruit salad, sweet chili syrup, mango sorbet, coriander and coconut espuma.

Tea: black tea with milk, cardamon. Masala Chai.

Signature chocolate.

I chose an English wine, fruity and dry that paired perfect with my Tasting Menu.

with Executive Chef Ramesh Ganiga

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Food with Susi

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