Pinot Noir-Soli-Bulgaria

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Pinot Noir-Elenovo in Thracian Valley, Bulgaria.


With his Piedmontese know-how, Edoardo Miroglio brings this Bulgarian Pinot Noir into the wine industry. Unmistakable a Pinot Noir, ripe strawberries, vanilla notes with the right amount of tannins and acidity. Worth buying a case, if you love Pinot Noir. Quality and price spot-on!


Wine: Soli.

Variety: Pinot Noir.

Vintage: 2017.

Winemaker: Edoardo Miroglio.

Origin: Thracian Valley, Elenovo-Bulgaria.

Good to know:

-During the Soviet era, Russia has always been the number one consumer of Bulgarian wines.

-With the Perestroika, there was a crisis between viticulturists and winemakers, consequently the wine quality was not as great and the wine export was at stake.

-After the integration to the EU, more institutions and investors were willing to own a vineyard (some of the owners recuperated their land and vineyards during "post-communism") and so they started cultivating the grape and making the wine.

-Bulgaria benefited from the EU funding programs and the adoption of National strategies that support the wine growing sector.

-Bulgaria's main wine export market is now Poland.

-Their wines are well known for its Bordelais varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. They are grown in the Danubian plains, around the Danube.

-Soli made it to the UK and it made to the “Customers Favourites” @thegoodwineshophq


Source:Export Competitiveness of Bulgarian bottled wines.



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