Pinot Noir-Domaine Remy & Fils, Burgundy

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Wine: Bourgogne.

Variety: Pinot Noir.

Origin: Côte de Beaune

Winemaker: Domaine Remy & Fils, Joël Remy.

Vintage: 2018

Village: Bourgogne.

Viticulture tech: Leaf thinning.

Grape processing: Sorting table.

Winemaking: Filtering in lens filter with low pressure.


Eye: Pale ruby.

Nose: Med. intensity with secondary aromas, developing.

Palate: Dry, med. acidity and tannins, low alcohol w. light body, med (+) flavor intensity, red fruits, (freshly cooked raspberry, strawberry), floral (roses), with hint of cinnamon and cloves.

Today a Sonatina, in a couple of years, the music intensifies into a beautiful Sonata.

Give it a try, perfect for every meal, every budget.


Paired with Tortilla de Patatas


Susana Kawai

Food & Wine

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