Pinot Noir, Brightwell Vineyard-England

Embracing Great British products, today I would like to introduce you to this beautiful Pinot Noir, an English wine who won the #IWC wine challenge. Its wine description is as follow:

“Growing Pinot Noir in the mild climate and alluvial soils of our vineyard in the Thames Valley, preserves the elegant character of this noble grape. Gentle maturation in oak barrels has enhance the delicate cherry, currant and summer berry flavours of this wine. rounded with subtle tannins, there are hints of spice in its long, dry finish on the palate. A complex wine it is ideal with all meats and cheese, and particularly to be savored on its own.”


Paired with British Cheese from Paxton & Whitfield “Paxtons Cave Aged Cheddar”, cloth bound and matured in natural caves in Somerset to give a distinctive fruity and nutty bite.


Susana Kawai

Food & Wine

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