Picpoul de Pinet with Chicken Kiev

An invigorating and mouthwatering white wine, a mix of primary fruits dominate the flavours; pear, lime, gooseberry with a trace of jasmine. Great acidity! Genuinely cheerful. Drink now.


Producer: Domaine Reine Juliette.

Region: Picpoul de Pinet-East Languedoc.

Brand: Picpoul de Pinet.

Vintage: 2020.

Variety: 100% Piquepoul Blanc.

Alcohol: 13%

Quality category: AOP Languedoc ‘Picpoul de Pinet’.


Vineyard: Gravel, red clay, limestone. 110ha./ Production of 1200m./ha equals 55hl/ha.


Winemaking: Destemming, crushing, separation of juice and pressing in fresh air, clarification and fermentation at 16-18°C.


Story: Juliette was the name of a queen during the early Roman Empire, who visited the area. At that time, roads were expanding from Rome to Spain, the Via Domitia. The Queen encouraged the expansion of viticulture in Languedoc.


Label: The bottle shape is known as “Neptune”. They are light yellowish green, waves symbol on the neck with the cross of Languedoc on the neck and right in between the label and the transparent coat of arms is written “Picpoul de Pinet”. The label’s border is gold, almost bronze, showing the Domaine’s name in the middle with the appellation. The landscape is designed in grey, green and white. Below is a separate label with the description of the estate.


Accolade: Numerous local awards since 2002, including Guide Hachette, Coup de Coeur/ sustainable agriculture and winemaking practices.


Translated from French to English by Susana Kawai.

A meal that came up spontaneously, thanks to my butcher. A generous amount of garlic-herbs butter mixture is filled into the pocket of the chicken breast. A white wine, preferably citric and high in acidity will be able to cut that grease.


I chose Picpoul de Pinet for my pairing. It was wonderful! Try it!

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