Pasta Busiate alla Pesto Trapanese - Sicily

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Can you please explain us this recipe?

Busiate is the name of the pasta, they are short, flat (no lines like rigatoni and they are curly).

Trapanese is the name of the pesto, from the region of Trapani in Sicily, it consists of tomatoes, peeled and no seeds, basil, pecorino cheese or parmesan, almonds and olive oil. I omitted the garlic, because it can be strong for my kids.

There are the Busiates with the Pesto alla Trapanese.

Is the pasta whole grain?

No, it is heirloom (grano antico). It does not mean that it is ancient, it means that from the Romans, maybe earlier, people would cultivate this grain and today this grain is rare.

The bag of pasta Busiate is made out of Perciassachi antico, heirloom wheat and you can find only in Sicily. For more information, please feel free to contact @Calogero Giunta via LinkedIn or @Sicilia Gourmet via Facebook Page.

Can you explain us the story behind this pesto?

Yes, many years ago, when the people from Liguria would come with the products that were brought from the Orient, the Ligurians would bring the products down to Sicily and the main port was Trapani. The local people then were introduced to Pesto Genovese and they decided to make some adjustments. So, they added the tomatoes and substituted the pine nuts with almonds; as we know Sicily is the main producer of almonds in Italy.

This is the Basilica di San Francesco di Assisi in Trapani. Photo taken by @freeshark81

on Instagram or Francesco Anselmo PHOTOGRAPHY.

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