Orecchiette alle cime di rapa

Orecchiette alle cime di rapa - Puglia, Italia


Does the word “Orecchiette” means “small ears? Can you explain the

title of the meal you prepared?

Indeed, Orecchiette means small ears and it is the shape of a pasta

that its origins are Pugliese.

Cime di rapa is basically the greens from the turnip.


How did you prepare the green turnip greens?

I cut the bottom, the thick part of the root, then I washed, cut in

pieces of 1cm, let the greens cook in boiling water about 15 minutes,

squeeze the liquid, form balls to squeeze extra water.


How did you prepare the meal?

I cooked the pasta separately. In a separate pan, I added olive oil,

garlic, chili pepper, bread crumbs, mixed, then add the greens and

some water of the pasta, mixed some more, added the anchovies and

finally the pasta, seasoned with salt.


Do you know the origin of the pasta “Orecchiette”?

As history is always and will remain a mystery to human kind,

according to the AIFB, the pasta form was born in Puglia. Many years

ago, there was a small Jewish community and they would celebrate their

religious festivity “Purim” (remembering how Esther (in the book of

Esther) saved the Jewish people from the Persians destroying their

community. She was chosen to be the Queen of the Persians. She prayed

to God and heard his voice that said, that she would save the life of

millions of Jews). During Purim, they used to make some pastries that

were made like small ears.


How do they make these pasta?

In Puglia from mother to daughter, they pass the tradition, by giving

them a special knife called “coltello”, the shape is original from

Puglia and the point is rounded. When they prepare the dough, they

form the “Orecchiette” with a finger and the coltello.

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