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Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Moresca : Si tratta di una varietà di olivo presente principalmente nella zona centrale e nelle province orientali della Sicilia, zona di cui l'oliva Moresca è originaria. E’ una varietà che da un massimo come oliva da tavola, ma tramite processi di molitura a freddo riesce a dar vita a un olio la cui amarezza lo rende unico nel suo genere.

Moresca : This is the most used variety in the Central part of the island. This olive is used generally for food, but if worked by cold pressuring system it is possible to obtain a bitter taste olive oil that made it unique.

Author: Calogero Giunta at Kalos Mediation Agency, Barrafranca, Sicily.

Where is the origin from the olive Moresca?

Its origin is Central Sicily and it is favored in the Oriental part of the island.

What is its characteristic?

While the olives are resistant to cold weather, they are very sensitive to insects, and the color change from green to black is gradual.

Can you describe the olive oil Moresca?

The color is dark yellow, the texture is robust with character and the taste is bitter. It goes well on salads, bruschetta as well as a cooking oil.

Courtesy of Casa Mandolio and Kalos Mediation Agency in Barrafranca, Sicilia.

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