Native Oysters vs. Rock Oysters - Whitstable

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Whitstable is a small town located north of Canterbury in the county of Kent. Not well advertised unless you are exploring South East of England. Whitstable is famous for its oysters. There are many types, shapes and different scientific names for oysters, but I would like to introduce two families: "Ostreidae" and "Crassostrea" and here are the main distinctions:

-Ostreidae is also known as true or edible oysters and the shape is generally round and they are small in size. They are known as the "flats" or "Native Oysters" in England. It takes longer to grow to an edible size, usually around 5-6 years and they are harvested in winter time. They are better eaten raw, they are delicate in taste and it commands higher price than the Crassostrea oysters.

-Crassostrea is als known as true oysters, but the shape is longer, oval, the shell is thicker and larger in size. They are originally from the Pacific ocean, they call them Japanese, Pacific or Rock oysters as well. They take less time to grow to an edible size, about 3 years and they are harvested mainly in summer time. They can be eaten raw or cooked (grilled or fried). They are the most common oysters in the market.

At the restaurant "The Whitstable Oyster Company" I have ordered:

(2) Whitstable Rock Oysters.

Deep fried local cod in beer batter with chips, mushed peas and tartare sauce.

Orange cake with pistachio ice cream.

Sparkling white wine Gusbourne (Blanc de Blancs).

The experience was perfect, we sat outside at the terrace. We were able to enjoy our lunch under a sunny day, in the fresh air and the sea breeze made the oysters taste perfect.

Food with Susi

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