Medium Cider -Templar's Choice, France

Medium Cider-Templar’s Choice, France


Templar’s Choice medium cider opens up with a perlage laced with fine bubbles in a medium-gold colour. The smoky aromas in the nose interconnects a myriad of flavours of green olives with autumn mushrooms, orange peel and spices slightly toasted in hickory wood finishing in a delicate ripe Saturn peaches flavours in the palate. The intensity of the cider is softened by a hint of sweetness on the end, balanced with its fine acidity and delicate tannins. Try this for the upcoming festivities!


This pairing was served as an aperitif at home, the touch of sweetness in the cider harmonizes well with the umami flavours of Camembert cheese.


Templar’s Choice farm is located within “Pays d’Auge” on a southern facing slope in the départment of Calvados in Normandy. From Gloucestershire, Adam and Anne Bland acquired the orchard in France in 1991. Adam and his father were well-known cider makers in the Severn Vale, Gloucester, before he and his wife moved to France.


All the apples are cider-specific varieties, many of them are late ripening with low intervention farming practices. The apples are keeved and slowly fermented with its ambient yeast during winter. Unfiltered and unpasteurized. The sugar content of the apples will determine the sweetness level of the cider from dry, medium to sweet ciders.


Awards: 2020 Silver medal SIGSA International Asturian awards.

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