Jean-Marc Burgaud - Beaujolais-Morgon Côte du Py

The tastes from Burgundy 2/2


Wine: Jean-Marc Burgaud, Morgon Côte du Py, Burgundy-Beaujolais-Morgon


Jean-Marc’s vines at the top of the Côte du Py suffered from hail on May 19th, so his mid-slope south-facing vines-which, he says, are most expressive of the slope’s famous blue granite-had more of a say than usual in the final blend. While this has a hugely attractive bouquet of berry fruit and flowers, it’s the intense mineral character of the palate that makes a real impression. Expect mouth-watering acidity and firm, fine-grained tannins that soften with time in the glass or decanter. There’s plenty of ripe fruit too, courtesy of a relatively warm growing season. A brilliant wine from one of the finest terroirs in beaujolais, not to mention one of the finest winemakers. Source


FWS: Before I add my notes on this wine, I would like to inform you that there is a podcast @Paxton&Whitfield and in the Episode 13 Wine Pairing, it is mentioned that, describing something visually is easier than to describe a taste, because taste is subjective, it tastes wonderful to you, it tastes terrible for others. Also, describing something you are eating or tasting might not be as easy, due to lack of words. When I taste something really good, I tend to mirror the taste with something else other than food, for example, music or even a book. Tasting is personal, but it also depends on your mood, on the environment, weather you have nice music or not, eating with people you love and certainly the food menu overall.

When you become an expert in wine tasting, then from subjectiveness it becomes objective, in order to maintain the quality, notes and critic level of a prestige wine.

So here I go with my notes on the wine:

***(I always let the wine breath before tasting. Young wines for about 10’.) The cork was terribly soft and unfortunately, a good piece went into the bottle, but luckily with the first serving, I was able to clear the pieces of the cork. Visually, nothing impressive, but I have somewhere in my mind that Beaujolais are lighter red wines. Olfactory; the smell was agreeable, nice bouquet, delicate rather than intense. When I tasted, I immediately though of mature strawberries, I did not taste other berries. Only strawberries. You would assume then, it would taste sweet, but no, it is still a dry, but fruity. The presence of the strawberry was impressive and I did enjoyed with my cheese Brilliat Savarin.


Good to know: Beaujolais is a large, well known district of Burgundy located in the very south, in the department of Rhône. They are famous of its Gamay, but they are also known as being the “marketing-fun bad quality, lolly pop wine” in many countries. Those wines are bottled young, after harvesting and they are called “Beaujolais Nouveau” and there is nothing wrong loving those wines.

Mont du Py is located in the centre of Morgon and the wines are stronger than the rest in the commune.


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