Iscider Barrel Aged Barrique, 2018 - Brännland Cider

It is my pleasure to introduce to you my first Ice Cider. Andreas Sundgren, who founded Brännland Cider started in 2010 with the dream of making great ciders using apples grown in the cold climate of Northern Sweden. Today, Andreas produces a wide variety of ciders for the local and international consumers, with a total production of around 90.000 bottles per year. Brännland Cider has won many International awards, recently chosen by Oz Clarke as one of his top wines at the London Wine Fair last month. Currently, the apples are a mix from his existing orchards in Västerbotten and premium apples from selected orchards in Southern Sweden. Andreas is expanding his orchards up to 10ha with the collaboration of local farmers and the EU development fund EIP-agri. A bold move with a firm vision that will boost sustainability in the Northern region.


*Ice cider is a sweet wine produced by fermenting apple juice that holds a sugar content of at least 30° brix before fermentation. The juice is the result of pressed apples being stored outside to freeze during winter. This is called the cryoconcentration method. Alcohol content in the finished product must be in the range of 7-13%ABV and the residual sugar must be at least 130gr/L.

*Ciders are only made from apples, maybe pear, if other flavours are blended, you cannot call them cider.

*Pruning should be minimal otherwise it will lead to excessive growth and to biennial bearing.

*The first commercially produced ice cider was released in 1994 by Domaine Neige with whom Barthomeuf collaborated in Canada.

*Synonyms; hard cider (USA), cidre de glace (France), Apfelwein (Germany), Süßmost (Switzerland), cider (UK), apple cider is a non-alcoholic beverage.

*If you would like to have special glasses for your ice cider, you may order “La Pomme”, please visit


My tasting notes:

Very similar to whiskey in colour, medium gold with amber hue, expressive nose with ripe apples and a hint of vanilla. On the palate, rich apples sustained by distinctive tannins, lively acidity with discreet hints of caramel in the finish.


The multicoloured mouthful French delicacies are full of nuts infused in pistachio, raspberry and chocolate essence, both the fruity and savoury Macarons not only paired beautifully with Brännland Ice cider, but their flavours were enhanced. I highly recommend this pairing, it will make you happy.


Available at @Novel Wines @The Good Wine Shop @Cideriswine @ Fine Cider


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