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Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Famous writers always say to write the end of your story, because then you will be able to write a great story: Behind Hide's doors there is a fantastic story to tell. They opened just last year in May 2018 and they have already earned its first star after six months from opening.

This restaurant has an overwhelming amount of THE BEST of THE BEST, from food, Chefs, Sommeliers, decor, wines, uniforms. The little I have learned is what I am going to write:

I invite you to read their website at www.hide.co.uk to familiarize yourself with the restaurant. In a few words, the restaurant is divided by three floors. It is thought to be a tree. The underground, the roots of the tree (Hedonism wine cellar, three private rooms and the bar), then we go one floor up is the Ground, where you can enjoy a more casual and simpler tasting menu. The bakery, and the dispenser corner (coffee and tea) Ground kitchen are part of the Ground area. When you enter, you are at Ground. Then the third floor would be the leaves of the tree. Where all the fine dining and the most prestigious private room is located. There is also a private elevator for VIP who wants privacy, special attention and does not need to think about parking.

The Master Chef "Executive Chef" is Ollie Dabbous, a world citizen, born in Kuwait. Ollie started his culinary career as a commis de partie and has been cooking and practicing with the best chefs. Just before he decided to open his new restaurant, he worked under Chef Claude Bosi (today Bibendum), at that time the restaurant's name was Hibiscus. Ollie, like Luke, chose to do a stage at the Fat Duck in Bray and many other Michelin-starred restaurants, before the birth of Hide.

At the Above kitchen with (left) Nat and Theo (both brothers of Head Chef Luke)

Head Chef Luke Selby was attending the ceremony of the yearly Chef's competition Roux Scholarship. Luke himself was the winner competition in year 2017 of Roux Scholarship, the National Chef and the young National Chef of the Year competitions. He basically learned cooking while growing, he had this fascination and passion for food, so when he was old enough, he cooked for his family, but what it made Luke today, was "Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons"2 Michelin stars in Oxford, with Chef Gary Jones, who trained Luke from "start to finish". Many of the brigade of Hide worked under Gary Jones. (known as the King of the Michelin-starred Chefs)

His Senior Sous Chef and Chef at Hide Ground Martin Carabott won the RS competition year 2018 and was finalist in year 2016 and 2017 as well.

Luke chose to be a stagiaire at three Michelin starred restaurant in Tokyo, Japan "Nihonryori RyuGin" (as their website is all in Japanese, please find some information at www.andyhayler.com ) after he won the Roux Scholarship. He brought his experience into his dishes, where I would like to mention it later.

Head Sommelier Julien Sarrasin, UK Best Sommelier 2018

I was also very lucky to meet Julien, who at the time he won the Villa Sandi award, he was the Head Sommelier at Club Gascon in London. Julien was very kind to show me the incredible wine cellar of Hide. This is my first time, where I am exposed to such an incredible cellar with over 6,000 bottles in a restaurant in London. Julien showed me the most prestigious wines from France and I was able to find some that I wanted to see myself. Photos will be posted on Instagram, when I had studied and researched the bottle.

If I may add another fine detail, a former Hide employee was crowned the best world's sommelier 2018 Aymeric Pollenne, who now returned to France and we are all looking forward to see his next move.

And finally, the director of wine is Piotr Pietras MS, born in Poland, who started his career in the Hotel industry after obtaining his degree in Hotel Management. He slowly moved to be Head Sommelier in high end restaurants in Poznań, Poland, before he moved to London and worked all his way up to become the director of wine in Hedoism, Hide, which I will need to write a different article about the history and background of the cellar and shop.

Cornish Mackerel tartare; iced eucalyptus

A mouthwatering fresh and healthy first corse, the fish is pickled with shallots, mixed with brunoise of cucumber with some mysterious leafs "oyster leaf"; these fresh ingredients are marinated in oyster emulsion, gin and topped with granita (ice with cream) and garnished with dill. Absolutely refreshing with a beautiful presentation. You may search find more information on the dishes and cutleries under "suppliers" on Hide's website.

Steamed skrei cod, mussels in garlic & parsley sauce

In a Michelin restaurant, I have to order cod. It never seizes to amaze me, how perfectly the cod turns out in a dish. The sauce gives the fish a perfect compliment. In a buttermilk sauce reduced with white wine, the cod fish is laid on a spinach bed with four mussels, sunphire and oyster leaf around with lightly cooked celery sticks.

Rhubarb and custard ripple soft-serve

I was intrigued by it, did not know what to expect as we know how tart rhubarb can be. Perfectly sweet, a very mellow ice cream and as you go deeper, you find pieces of dough. The staff describes as "churro", while I describe as "karinto", a Japanese sweet cracker. I was very interested in the spoon, if I observed correctly, it is from www.hopeinthewoods, it very reminded me to Japan (Kyoto-Nara style, the wabisabi style) along the ceramic cup, I would assume it is from Jono Smart ceramics from Glasgow. Because of the color combination, the taste of the karinto for me and the wabi-sabi ambiance around this dessert, I have decided to order the cherry blossom tea.

Cherry blossom tea, Sakura in German porcelain

Homemade sourdough bread

One thing that I did not understand from the beginning is that you need to request for bread, because it is a separate charge. They bring you a "basket" with a variety of bread. While I was finishing my main course, I need to "clean" the sauce with bread. Ilaria was very kind to bring me two slices (back; miso and edamame and front; smoked rye sourdough bread). Incredible texture. The butter was soft as custard.

My next stop will be Hide Ground, for breakfast, but this will be a different set of photos on my Instagram.

I would like to thank you the staff members to have made this Michelin experience so wonderful. People who I met:

Theo and Nat Selby, Sous-chefs

Julien Sarrasin, Head Sommelier

Franca, Assistant Manager Ground

Ilaria, Head Service

Thank you very much.

Susana @ Food with Susi



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