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Updated: Jan 3, 2021

What does FICO stand for and where is it located?

It stands for Fabbrica Italiana Contadina (Italian Farming Factory) and it is located outside Bologna, in the area of Bologna Feria. For more details you can read their website

How was your experience at FICO?

Wonderful. FICO opens daily from 10:00 and they close at midnight. We arrived on a Friday afternoon and I must say that it can be very overwhelming when you do not have a plan or an understanding of what you want to see. For tourists that are there to relax and to find some products that they want to take as souvenirs or if they want to explore food from other regions of Italy, then great. On the other hand, if you are there for business or work, you have to have a plan, you need to organize your day, so you can maximize your experience at Fico.

I recommend to plan a tour, there are three (11:00-15:00-17:00), this might change based on availability and demand. There is a concierge service at every entrance or exit and they are very helpful. I had my tour with Elisa in English, wonderful experience.

Are there classes? What are the costs?

Absolutely and many. The classes are on average 20€ for about 1,5 hours. Tastings are for free and you are free to buy or not to buy.

Can you tell us about the restaurants?

There are a couple of Michelin star restaurant, then many trattorias, bistros and many kiosks that offer you smaller portions. You can choose a restaurant based on the product or ingredient, for example, if you are in the mood for "prosciutto", you may go to Suino Nero and have a wonderful salume (sausage) platter from Calabria or you choose the region you want to visit: Puglia, then go to the Puglia kiosk.

Can you tell us about the wine selection?

It is vast. I do not have another word. The wine section offers you a selection of red, rose and whites from every region of Italy, from North to South, including Sardegna and Sicilia. There are many wine assistants that can offer you guidance. Some producers are standing in the middle of the hallway, do not miss the tastings and do not miss the wine lessons. The staff is just wonderful, very competent and informative.

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