Coq au Vin

Although this is a traditional recipe from Burgundy, this is beloved throughout the Rhône Valley, including Beaujolais region. I have first marinated the ingredients in red wine, I have used Pinot Noir. The ingredients are chicken, vegetables (leek, onions, carottes, garlic), mushrooms, cloves, cinnamon, bay leaf, salt, pepper, thyme, tomato quark, lardons and some flour to bind the sauce.

The long hours of cooking give the sauce an incredible umami taste, the acidity of the wine has been relaxed with all ingredients combined, but the tomato quark was the indicator for the end result. The undisturbed young fruitiness of Albéric completed my meal.

Hope my food plating and photography are to your liking.


Susana Kawai

Food & Wine

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