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Updated: Feb 4, 2019

A luxurious Indian restaurant, Chokhi Dhani opened its doors in London summer of last year 2018. It is part of a five star hotel chain in India. Chokhi Dhani means literally "good dwelling", but the interpretation of these words are to celebrate the nostalgic, melancholic and beautiful places that the state of Rajasthan has to offer.

The restaurant's menu offers a wide range of food, to make it easier; à la carte, street food, business menu for lunch. The bar offers a good selection of cocktails that matches perfectly with the spiciness of Rajasthani cuisine.

The private room can seat comfortably up to 14 guests. Ideal for VIP, business clients that need special attention to details.

If you are interested in purchasing Indian decoration and jewelry (sculpture, flower vase, antiques, Shishas and more), you found the perfect place!


-Rajasthan is located NW of India and it is the largest state of India.

-It is known as the "land of the prince", due to its large heritage of "princes or Maharajas".

(Maharaja=King, Maharani=Queen).

-Encompasses the Thar Dessert (70% of Rajasthan territory and the largest dessert in India) and the Avarallis mountain range.

-As the state has a dessert climate, the terrain is arid. There is little rain throughout the year.

-They produce a high quantity of dairy products, some are from camel.

Before I start posting my photography, I would like to thank the team on duty for all the attention they offered me during my visit. Talking to each one of you, Chef, Restaurant manager and Bartender, you all made this blog possible. Thank you very much!

I had a "Maharani Thali" (Maharani=queen, Thali=large round plate, serving various curries with rice, roti and more). Chokhi Dhani offers Maharani Thali for vegetarian guests and for the meat lovers, Maharaja Thali. A Thali is always served in a metal plate and offers all 6 flavors, sweet, salty, bitter, sour, astringent and spicy on a single plate, in little bowls called "Katori" in Hindi. Thalis vary according to the region, but the original Thalis are found in Southern India and people eat with the hands, more specifically with the right hand.

Maharani Thali

I would like to start with the soup (11 o'clock), it changes daily and the soup of the day was "Corn soup".

Starter of the day (5pm), center, Cauliflower in a flour batter with three chutneys, from left to right: apricot mango, avocado and Himalayan tomato chutney.

The next to the soup is "Gatte Curry"(11:30).

Gatte is gram flour dumpling that has been rolled out into a long snake shape and then poached into water and cooked in a spicy yoghurt sauce.

Then we move to the most interesting Katori (1o'clock); "Ker Sangri", sour and bitter, "Ker" is a wild berry that you can find only in Rajasthan and Sangri is moth beans that are grown in the Thar Dessert. This dish is the most authentic of Rajasthani cuisine. Although Ker Sangri is eaten with the millet flat bread, I had with with one of the "Pappadum" (flat crisp) and avocado chutney for extra flavor.

Then the next (2pm) is "Panchmeli daal" made out of five different types of lentils. I chose to eat with the Basmati pilau flavored with green cardamon, cinnamon, bay leaves and saffron.

This curry was for me the lightest.

Then we have the bread (3pm) called "Bajre Roti", pan fried millet roti in ghee.

It has a sweet taste and it is very dense. In Indian cuisine, there is no yeast in any type of bread, so most of the breads are dense.

It is also a tradition, that you cut this bread in four and you dip this into any curry you wish.

This exquisite curry (8pm) is "Paneer Marwari", it is a yoghurt base curry.

Paneer, is unsalted cottage cheese and Marwari is an ethnic group of Rajasthan.

On top I added one pickled red onion, red beat (7pm), "Lasoni" (6:30), garlic and red chili chutney, "Pickled chilies with mustard" (5pm).

I placed this combination on top of "Missi roti", yellow gram flour (gluten free).

"Methi mangodi"(9pm), yellow lentil nugget and fenugreek leaf curry on top of "Khichia", rice flour poppadum.

The dessert "Churma", sugary mixture of sound nuts, flour and rose petals.

Cocktail "Maharani Ruby", non alcoholic mulled wine reduction, apple and lime juice with soda water.

Absolutely fantastic, a perfect pairing for my Thali! created by the bartender.

There is so much more, I would like to invite you to visit their website for the restaurant in London and for the the world travellers

#indiancuisine #chef for (Diner's choice award 2018).

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