Chenin Blanc-Testalonga, Baby Bandido-South Africa

Chenin Blanc-Swartland, South Africa.


Unorthodox and unsettling were the words when I first saw the bottle, unexpectedly refreshing were the next after my tasting. Lemon soda, limes, green apple, with extraordinary mineral notes. Little cloudy due to skin contacts during wild fermentation.


Here is my decoding of the label:

*Testalonga: an Italian word, that defines a group in Sicily formed by bandits between the 1500-1700, during which Spaniards, Savoyards, Austrians, Papal estates and the North were fighting for its control. There is a short book written by Anna Marotta “Il Bandito Testalonga: La resistencia di un vinto”, if you would like to read about life in Sicily once upon a time.

*Testalonga has two lines: Bandito and Baby Bandito.

*Baby Bandito has three series: “Follow Your Dream”, “Stay Brave” and “Keep On Punching” this last one is dedicated to the winemakers friend who loved hokey and would scream “Keep on punching” during games. These series are made out of Chenin Blanc with skin contact fermentation.

*The little photo shows a street child taken in Vietnam.


I try to find out the correlation between the words and the photo. It is like a no ordinary poem, where the poet moves to territories that open new grounds, where the audience can be critical. Anyhow, this is a MUST try wine.


To Heritage Day (24.9), thank you @oz.clarke for the alert.

Thank you @francescofantinel for the Baby Banditos introduction.


Source: Jancis Robinson and Biblioteca and Libreria Universitaria Italia.



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