Chardonnay, PC-Domaine Jean Marc-Boillot, Burgundy

This wine has many more years through its journey and the magic is yet to be achieved. Whilst, it is worth to wait to open it, I chose to consume it young and to celebrate a special occasion.

It is posh. It exhibits aromas of pineapple, a slight candied fruit taste, joined by a complexity of honeysuckle and mineral compounds. As it continues to warm up in the glass, everything mentioned achieves an elegant and harmonious amalgamation.


I celebrated a belated Swiss National Day (1 August) and I have been religiously cooking a national dish every year. Today I prepared “Zürcher Geschnetzeltes over mushed potatoes” (Zurich Ragout). Please accept my casual food presentation paired with this exceptional Premier Cru. I am on vacation and we eat either simple or home cooking recipes.

Have a lovely week.



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