Hildegard-Au Bon Climat, Central Coast-California

An incredibly flavoursome white blend that offers distinctive characteristics of an outstanding white wine, that has been developing throughout these years and commands a higher price range. Rich aromas of cooked pineapple, bergamot, yeasty and brioche, but all those aromas land with another set of flavours in the palate, complex and mysterious, mushrooms, olives, green tea, petrol, marzipan. A touchdown at the finish line that causes the excitement of this stunning concentration of flavours last very long. A great cousin of the Wild Boy (post 9th. November)


Wine: Hildegard.

Blend: 50% Pinot Gris, 40% Pinot Blanc, 10% Aligoté.

Vintage: 2015.

Winemaker: Jim Clenden at Au Bon Climat.

Origin: Santa Maria Valley, Central Coast, California.

Good to know:

At the turn of the ninth century, Hildegard was in a tizzy. The Empress, by marriage of the world’s most important empire could not keep her castle clean. Charlemagne, notables abstemious for the times at 3 cups per day, was not the problem. His court, the parties, too much red wine, the spillage…So Hildegard used her wiles to have Pinots Gris (Beurrot) and Blanc planted in a portion of the Corton Vineyard along with Aligoté. This wine is a revival of the original composition of an historic bottling.

Say no to fads, don’t forget the past, and if you spill, use salt and soda water. - Au Bon Climat.



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