Blanc de Blancs-Wiston Estate, England

A late disgorged elegant British effervescence that offers an inclination of a creamy and silky texture. Briochy aromas in the first instance, connecting subsequently to dry aromas of honeydew melon and quince leading to a lovely nutty finish on the palate. A perfect way to celebrate New Years.


Producer: Wiston Estate.

Region: S. Downs-West Sussex, England.

Brand: Blanc de Blancs.

Vintage: 2015->disgorged 2020.

Variety: 100% Chardonnay.

Alcohol: 12%.

Quality indication: Single=Vineyard/Vintage/Varietal.


*Vineyard: Upper Cretaceous Chalk/Vines year 2006/ 6.5 hectares/ no herbicides/ use of boisselet for weeds management.

*Winemaking: Traditional Coquard Press 'one of only 4 outside France'/Aged in 50% Burgundy oak barrels and 50% stainless steel.

*Story: Owned by Harry and Pip Goring. Pip grew up in Cape Town, South Africa and she dreamt of having a vineyard in England, so the wine story begins in year 2006, although the Estate was owned by the family since 1743.

*Label: It represents their heritage; the colours of South Africa and the elegant English design, showing us the eagle carrying the ribbon of grapes and flowers, commissioned by Sir Charles Goring.

Accolades: "Winery of the Year" 2018/2020 by WineGB Awards and 2019 by Decanter World Wine Awards for "Best in Show".


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