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Updated: Jan 3, 2021

A perfect meal for winter, bear in mind that you can find this cheese only through autumn-winter until beginning of spring, don't miss your chance!. Today I am concentrating on France only, we will need another post for Switzerland.

This cheese is made out of unpasteurized cow milk and it is known as a "Comté" cheese or in other words "Franche-comté" and it is protected with a special certification "AOC-Appellation d'origine contrôlée" since 1981 and "AOP-Appellation d'origins protégée" since 1996, to protect its production (terroir, ingredients and others).

Here are some facts:

*Mont d'Or cheeses are made in the region of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, the capital of this region is Dijon. The cheeses are produced in the south-east part of the region, in the department of Doubs, and/or around the valley of Jura.

*To make Mont d'Or cheese, the farmer needs about 7-8 liters of milk to produce 1 kg of cheese and they can be made only between mid August to mid March at an altitude of 700 meters.

*The cows "Montbeliard" or "French Simmental" are grass/hay fed.

*The curds are made using traditional rennet and then pressed into cylindrical moulds and then transferred to a band of spruce (type of wood of a special pine).

*The weight can be as follow: mini 600g, medium 800g, large from 1,5kg-3kg and the diameter of the package can measure 11,5cm-33cm with a height 6cm-7cm.

*Louis XV, who concluded the Dutch War and tried to gain and hold on the territories of Loire and Northeast (Alsace) of France, used to love this cheese, so the monks continued this tradition until today. When the cows cannot produce enough milk after summer, it is now the season to produce this creamy and exquisite soft cheese, that can be enjoyed as Fondue. Et voilà, my story:

Mont d'Or, France with Paxton & Whitfield

We had with some charcuterie, nuts, olives, grapes and the perfect matching Cornish Buttermilk Biscuits (in American would be crackers) of Paxton & Whitfield.

When you serve, simply use a spoon

Paired with a Riesling from Alsace

You may pair with a Gewürtztraminer, Sauterne or a good sparkling wine, either the wine can be sweet or refreshing, up to you.

Paxton & Whitfield commentary: The cheese is characterized by fluffy white moulds, turning grey or blue with age. The cheese can pull away from the spruce bark as it ages and can be brown and even black where it has been in contact with the wood.

-Ingredients: Cow's milk, salt, rennet, dairy cultures.

-Allergens: Milk.

-Storage: Keep refrigerated.

-Instructions for use: Serve at room temperature.

-Supplied by: Fromagerie Arnaud, Fromageries Arnaud-25370 Longevilles Mont d'Or.

For: Thank you very much for the precious gift, I very much appreciate as always, your quality, customer service, presentation and the communication.

Susana @ Food with Susi

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