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Updated: Jan 3, 2021

One of the joys of living in Le Marche is the ability to directly witness where artisanal products are produced.  I recently stopped by Oleficio Rosini to learn both how the olive oil is produced and about the regional varieties available in Le Marche.

Where is Oleifico Rosini?

It is located in a small town, south west from Ancona called San Paolo di Jesi, in the region of Le Marche, Italy.

How long have they been in business?

Since year 1982.

Is this family owned?

Yes, by the family Rosini. It was the dream of life of Mr. Benito Rosini, that was fulfilled by him and his wife Iris. Today, the oil mill is managed by Iris and his daughter Nadia and Katiuscia, who are the current owners as well.

Do they produce the olive oil from trees on their property?

Yes, they produce oil from their olive trees and from the olives that were processed on behalf of third party customers from the area.

How many trees are on their property?

Over 1000 trees. Only in the region of Le Marche, you can find 40 different varieties of olive oil tree and in Italy over 600 varieties exist.

How much olive oil can one olive tree produce?

It depends certainly on the size, age, but one of the oldest tree of Rosini property can produce over 150 kg of olives. On average, an olive tree produces 30-50 kg of olives.

How old do olive trees live?

The large tree on their property is over 400 years old, but there are trees up to 6000 years old.

What types of olive trees produce oil?

It depends on the region, because each region has its own variety.

Here are some examples from the region of Le Marche: Ascolana dura e tenera, Carboncella, Rosciolla dei Colli Esini, Orbettana, Raggia, Mignola, Cornetta, Capolga, Coroncina, Lea and many more.

What does "cold-pressed" mean?

That the olives are pressed under a temperature less than 27˚C.

What is "extra-virgin" olive oil?

Extra virgin oil is made out of crushed olives that are picked up by hand and then the oil is extracted after few hours. And the acidity is under 0,8%.

There are no chemicals and industrial refining added to the oil.

Does Oleificio Rosini produce different types of olive oil?

Yes, because she has different varieties of olive trees. She produces blended olive oils, but "Monovarietale" as well, oil made out of only one type of olive

Can you mention the different types of olive oil produced by Rosini Oleificio?

-Castelli di Federico II: a blend of many different olives.

Monovarietale (single olive variety) :

-Mignola: strong with "piccante and complex" flavors in the palate. Great for meats.

-La Carboncella: strong with a "piccante" presence in the palate and great for boiled and grilled vegetables.

-La Raggia: strong with a "bitterness" presence in the palate and great for soups and meats.

-Ascolana: sweet and soft oil.

-Rosciolla: sweet and soft oil. This is the softest olive they produce.

What is "flavored" olive oil?

They are infused with fruits and aromas, such as with lemon, orange and chili pepper.

This site visit with Oleificio Rosini was absolutely fantastic!  I learned so much and Nadia was so helpful answering all my questions.  She truly has a passion for this.

"Tra il cibo e l'olio c'è un abbraccio"-Between food and "olive" oil, there is a hug!

And here is my video:

Thank you Nadia @ Oleificio Rosini, San Paolo di Jesi.

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