About Me  
Susana Kawai


Food and Wine Blogger

Ethnicity: Japanese, but born in Switzerland.

Languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese.

Profession: Hotel Management

Currently live in: London

Thank you for checking my blog. 
I started blogging due to my husband's job relocation. I was a Hoteliere, working as VIP Services Supervisor in the Casino Marketing at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.
Since the beginning of my blog 2010 until today 2020, I have re-positioned my blog multiple times. Why did I need to reposition my blog? Because every city we moved to has different ideas, the market is different, food culture changes based on climate and unconsciously you assimilate to the community you live in.
The beginning was fun and exciting, because I was re-creating traditional recipes from different countries and I was able to learn different tastes and ingredients. At that time, we were living in a small town in the North of Germany. The challenge was finding the right ingredient and shopping through Amazon was not an option, so many times I had to find a substitute. My blog's name started as "Delicioso y Divertido", you can find the link (I used two different platforms; Wordpress and Blogger, both worked very well). I was probably a "unique" Japanese blogger, cooking "your country's" recipe in a small town in Germany.
The challenge then began when we moved to Miami. A totally different market, climate, and eating habits. My kitchen looked different, was smaller and it was not "European, rustic and old".  Miami is very hot and humid and cooking for long hours was impractical, so I changed. To my surprise, in Miami the "Vegetarian or Vegan" movement was a statement, so I started to create my own recipes, with the help of Whole Foods Market. That is when I opened my third platform; Instagram. My audience evolved to more millennials and mommies trying to cook healthy for the kids. After three years, we then moved to a small town in Italy.
Another story, a new challenge. The "Vegetarian or Vegan" movement, non existent, but I had a different kitchen with more sun light, so I repositioned my blog once again. You can imagine how I was completely submerged into Italian culture. My first six months I was covered with Italian grammar books with a teacher who gave me intense private classes who made me read "Piccolo Mondo Antico" of A. Fogazzaro and "El Gatopardo" of Lampedusa. I had many dreams about how much I had progressed with the language, but then slowly I was comfortable in communicating with the community of Jesi. That is when I started with the wine pairing. I was very lucky that wine producers, cooks, butchers and greengrocers were willing to support my blog and so my own website Food with Susi was born, when another relocation was waiting for me. London.
Another all story. London has everything, you find every restaurant of different levels, low to high and every ingredient is at your hand. Amazon works beautifully. After six months from our move, I worked on getting my WSET's. and meanwhile I am now exploring high end restaurants and discovering world known Chefs. I increased my knowledge in food and wine, I built a large network of professionals in the gourmet and fine wine industry. 
This is my journey today. January, 5th. of 2020.
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